Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Great Thurston

These souvenirs of American magician Howard Thurston are undoubtedly from his tour of Australia in 1904-1905.

The postcard below is of a quite young Thurston, looking suitably mysterious. This probably dates from his time touring Australia.

But perhaps of more interest is the letter below. It is addressed to scenic designer, Jack Ricketts on Thurston stationery and dated 7/9/05 from Melbourne. It may not be from the magician himself, the signature has been removed,  but it is a nice memento of his time in Australia.

The letter mentions the ferocious weather, the good houses and the help that Jack Ricketts gave at the Palace Theatre....I wonder what that was?


  1. was googling Australia when i found this link! So interesting! and the hat! the fashion sense and the hat are completely on point! wowed!

  2. Thanks I was very lucky to find this at the NSW postcard collectors fair. They often have some very rare and interesting stuff...